TypeScript is an open source programming language developed by Microsoft. The code we write in TypeScript is transpiled into JavaScript. We can configure the TypeScript transpiler to transpile our code into JavaScript compatible with ES3, ES4, ES5 or ES6. Although most people might think that given the possibility to define classes in ES6 there is no reason for using TypeScript, the truth in on the contrary. TypeScript extends JavaScript by adding more capabilities… mainly OOP ones (some of them are not part of the ES6 specification) and by adding the possibility to use types, which allows us to maintain a safer development process.

When Angular2 was developed, the decision to develop it using TypeScript instead of using Dart wasn’t a complete surprise for me. After all, TypeScript has much more to offer compared with Dart.

Practically, if you want to develop with Angular you must know TypeScript. Most learning resources on the web use TypeScript. During the past year, I come across more and more companies who choose to use TypeScript even though they don’t use Angular.

I truly believe that TypeScript popularity will grow, and therefore chose to develop the TypeScript Fundamentals community free course.

If you want to stay updated I recommend you to join the TypeScript Developers professional group. You can find it on Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Whatsapp, and Telegram.