Android 3.0 Tablets UI


8 Hours

The Android 3.0 platform introduces new capabilities. The most prominant ones are the new user interface capabilities and especially those that were meant for devices with large screen sizes (tablets). This course overviews these new capabilities, provides with practical code samples and ease your learning path.

Android Java Developers

Acquire the required knowledge and skills to develop Java applications optimized for android large screen devices (tablets).

Practical experience in Java applications development for the Android platform.

Activity Fragments
Each fragment represents a behavior or a portion from the activity user interface. We can maintain multiple fragments within a single activity. On the other hand we can reuse the same fragment across different activities. The fragments were introduced in Android 3.0. We will learn how to use them in order to optimize our application for android large screen devices.
User Interface Widgets
The Android 3.0 SDK includes new widgets we can use when developing the user interface of our application. These new widgets include the following: AdapterViewAnimator, AdapterViewFlipper, CalendarView, ListPopupMenu, NumberPicker, PopupMenu, SearchView and StackView. We will learn how to use these widgets in an effective way in our application.
Action Bar
The Action Bar is a widget that is shown on top of the screen. It includes the application logo on its left side together with items available from the options menu on the right. The Action Bar can provide tabs for navigation between the fragments. We will learn how to use the action bar in order to leverage our application user interface for android large screen devices.
Home Screen Widgets
The home screen widgets provide the users with easy access to application data directly from the home screen. The Android 3.0 platform allows us to use more types of widgets and provides us with new modes of interaction. We will overview the new possibilities and present practical examples.
User Notifications
The Android 3.0 platform extends the notification capabilities allowing the developers to include richer content. In addition, the Android 3.0 platform provides us with many more configuration capabilities. We will overview the new possibilities as well as the new Notification.Builder class that enables us to write shorter and simpler code.
Drag & Drop Capabilities
As of the emergence of the Android 3.0 platform, users can easily copy and paste any type of data into and out of their applications as well as to move it from one view to another using the common drag and drop gesture. We will overview these new capabilities and present practical examples.