Android Debugging Best Practices


8 Hours

The Eclipse debugger is very limited when it comes to software you develop for the android platform. This course introduces the unique android tools for debugging your code. Taking this course you will be able to effectively debug your code and overcome the various obstacles you encounter with.

Java developers with practical experience in software development for the android platform.

Provide with the knowledge and the practical experience required for a successful debugging during the development phase.

Basic experience in developing Java applications for the android platform.

The Eclipse Debugger
We will overview the classic debugger the eclipse IDE already includes and introduce how to use it in an effective way.
The Logcat Utility
We will overview the logcat utility and show how to use it in an effective way both from the command line and from the DDMS perspective.
Android Debug Bridge
We will overview the android debug bridge and present its various capabilities when using it from the command line.
Dalvik Debug Monitor Service
We will overview the dalvik debug monitor service and its capabilities. We will show how to use it for different commmon debugging scenarios.
Traceview Utility
We will overview the traceview utility and explain how to use it in order to identify bottleneck in our code execution.