Wireless Devices Software Development


8 Hours

During the last years the mobile telephone handset has evolved and become a sophisticated device allowing various types of communications. It is no longer a simple device for making plain simple phone calls. This short course overviews the evolvement of the various technologies used for developing software applications for mobile telephones and presents them from an historic perspective. This course focuses on those technologies that are still relevant and tries to overview the possible future evolvements in this market.

Software Developers, Project Managers & Systems Architects.

Become familiar with the possible architectures & technologies when developing applications for wireless devices.

Background in Software development.

Mobile Telephones Technologies Overview
Throughout the history of the mobile telephone handset and the desktop computer various technologies have emerged. Some have survived while others disappeared. In this section we will historically overview the various types of technologies that evolved during the years. We will also try to find resemblance between the mobile market and the desktop computers.
Web Browser Mobile Applications
During the early days of the mobile telephones market the possibility to develop specific web sites to browse via mobile telephones was offered via WML
WML Script over WAP networks (the mobile telephones equivalent for HTTP). At a later stage
mobile telephones' web brower support for XHTML has become a standard de facto. The new mobile telephones handsets support Java Script and HTML 5.0 as well. In this topic we will overview these technologies and especially focus on HTML 5.0 additional features as the Geolocation API that are especially relevant for web browser mobile telephones applications. In this topic we will also explore the unique role the Adobe Flash and the JavaFX play when dealing with RIA for mobile telephones.

SMS and MMS Applications
SMS and MMS (though in lower volumes) are being used for various types of applications. Thanks for their simplicity they have become highly popular driving incomes for mobile telephones operators. In this topic we will overview these technologies
present sample applications and introduce common business models related for these two specific technologies.

Mobile Telephones Client Applications
Developing a client application installed on a mobile telephone is feasible via various different software programming languages
such as Java ME
ObjectiveC (iPhone)
Android Java and C#. In this topic we will overview these technologies as well as their advantages and disadvantages
explore whether the user feels comfortable using them.. is the iPhone applications market is more than just a buzz... or maybe the same story we know from using our desktop is about to repeat.

Future Perspective
We will overview various future ideas
forecasts and try to examine the role of the web browser installed on our mobile handset in this coming future.

Throughout the lecture examples will be presented both via new mobile telephones and video clips showing new services and products in the mobile market. The examples will be coordinated and tuned in accordance with the audience expectations and requirements.